Ivy is an outstanding executive speaking coach. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work individually with her and it was transformative. In just a few sessions, she made public speaking fun. Ivy immediately put me at ease and was fully invested in my success. I was impressed by the amount of time she dedicated and the care she took discerning what would work best for me. She is intuitive, and this distinguishes her as a coach. She not only imparts her expertise and wisdom, she understands her clients in a meaningful way, helping them grow.
— Marisa Lascher, Verisk Analytics
Ivy is stupendous! She is the best in the business. I feel comfortable with sending clients to her and her results are outstanding!
— Kenneth Paul Rosenberg, M.D.
Working with Ivy is nothing short of transformative, and from a career development standpoint, no other training comes close. Her coaching, advice and support have taken my presentation skills to a much higher level, and she did so within my natural style. If you have the opportunity to collaborate with Ivy, jump at it!
— Tom Glieden, The New York Times
Ivy, Thank you!! The content on my keynote has worked out GREAT! I did my first BIG one using it through a speakers bureau and got GREAT Feedback! Your coaching really, really helped me - in so many ways. You’ve helped me transform from a facilitator with novice public speaking skills to a professional speaker!
— Gregg Brown, MSc, CTDP, Keynote Speaker
Ivy is an outstanding public speaking coach who is genuine and easy to work with. She has the unique capability of teaching to all levels at the same time, touching on more challenging topics for the more advanced in the room while building confidence and a strong basic foundation for the less experienced. It is amazing to watch her work with people afraid of speak in front of a group, enabling them to blossom by focusing on their strengths and dissolving their insecurities.
— Curtis Hillegas, Princeton University
Your instincts are unreal. I’ve spent a whole lot of years working in this sort of environment, and you are the consummate professional - Thanks for a flawless job.
I’ve worked with Ivy as my Executive Speaking / Communications coach over the past two years and want to provide her a strong, enthusiastic recommendation. Ivy has helped me excel in all speaking venues (from meetings with 10-30 people to hosting a dinner for 150 people and presenting in formal business settings to very large groups, etc.). Ivy has a unique ability to tap ones inner strengths and bring them to the forefront as opposed to just addressing weaknesses. I consider Ivy one of my most important business partners.
— Bob Bozza, Managing Director, Merrill Lynch
As the former President of Allstate Distributors L.L.C, I have had the opportunity to work with many alleged experts in their self proclaimed field. Too often these individuals do not live up to their hype or promises. Fortunately I was referred to you. What I received was a talented, knowledgeable, caring coach who is extremely adept at her craft. I know that the product I have today is infinitely better due to your guidance.
— Rob Shore, President, Shorespeak
Ivy, you are a powerful, dynamic, and highly skilled coach. Your commitment to my development is exceptional and your skills and teaching ability are first class. The time we spent together, helped me develop the skills to become a confident public speaker.
I look forward to continuing to work together as I strive to be the best I can be in the public spotlight.
— Matt Ryan, President & COO, iFLY Indoor Skydiving
I worked with Ivy when I’d only done a few presentations. We spent three days working on my presentation and I still think about the tips she gave me nearly 100 presentations later! Thank you Ivy!
— Henry Mason, Trendwatching
I could not have anticipated the popularity and impact of both of these communication skills programs on the organization. The results of your work have been outstanding.
— The New York Times
We found that Ivy had the ability to work with a diverse team and to leverage each person’s natural style to construct and deliver a dynamic and powerful presentation. Thanks Ivy for helping us achieve the “WOW” factor!
— G. Smith, Vice President, IBM
A top flight ‘Pro’, Ms. Naistadt is accommodating, efficient, thorough and able to adapt her unique approach successfully to virtually any environment or style of business professional... Borrowing from the language of Total Quality Management - as a customer I am delighted with the solutions and services Ms. Naistadt is providing for us at Corning Incorporated!
— Corning
Your coaching has helped me tremendously, and I am much more comfortable and confident as a public speaker as result. I am most grateful to you and hope that I may call on you in the future.
— Scott J. Newkam, Chief Executive Officer, Hershey
I just came back from our conference and the comments were that I delivered the best speech ever! I cannot thank you enough for your excellent speech coaching and look forward to working with you in the future.
— Pitney Bowes
I wanted to thank you for working with me this year It was a big step for me to give and external speech to a group of 1,000 people. Your intuitive skills are second to none. Your work on understanding the audience I was speaking to and your ability to capture who I am made this speech an unbelievable success. The feedback from Women Of Influence is that this speech was one of the highest rated by the audience. I do not have the nervousness and can now speak in an inspirational way. I truly enjoy working with you and look forward to future opportunities.
— Leslie Abi-Karam, President, Pitney Bowes
It went very well. People were very pleased, very complimenting, and I felt very good about it. I also felt that I had learned a great deal from you, and I’m grateful to you. I always thought I was a good public speaker, certainly experienced at it, so I was surprised by how much my speaking style has changed in the last month, and by how much it has improved.
— Samuel Norich, Publisher, The Forward
I have an amazing coach who has given me many valuable insights.
— Catlin, Inc.
I give you a great deal of credit for helping build my confidence, I’ve tested the techniques you taught me as a presenter. Whereas I would previously have been a nervous wreck, I dazzled ‘em with brilliance!
— L. Demeuth, Administrative Office, United States Courts
As you know, when we first met, I had real reservations about the prospect of speaking to groups. Now I am much more confident, polished and actually enjoy the opportunity to show my newfound speaking skills. Our first shareholders’ conference was hugely important for our business and, thanks to you, it ended up being a great success! Needless to say, we couldn’t have done it without you.
Again, I want to express my sincere gratitude. I am excited to keep working with you to further hone my public speaking skills.
— CFO, Blue Water Worldwide, LLC
Ivy! I had my first webinar presentation and I NAILED IT. I was so excited to share this with you because I could not have done as well without your training.
— Jessica Chakrin, Discovery
As a proud alumnus of “Join the Ivy League” seminars and workshops, it is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Ivy. The workshops she conducts have had a lasting impact on my presentation and speaking skills, along with the ongoing use of her book as an integral tool. In fact, her book quickly became required reading for the staff members on our sales team at The New York Times. Attendance and participation in Ivy’s workshops/seminars is without a doubt the single most significant skill building experience, coupled with a lasting positive impact on my career. She has an amazing gift, and in my opinion, unmatched by any other coaches in her profession
— Doug Stone, PCF
The conference went very well. And, equally important, the boss was very impressed. He even mentioned your workshop during his dinner remarks as an example of one he visited and the attendees were totally engaged.
— Ray Kirk, Retirement Services, OPM
Ivy was instrumental in helping me address my reservations in public forums. With her guidance, encouragement and creative touch I have been able to seize control of each setting and enjoy the moment. From wedding toasts to interviews on the red carpet, I have leaned on her instructions to carry me through. I can’t recommend her enough!
— Henry Fernaine , Film Producer
I owe you a long overdue thank you. You taught an all day session a while back with NYT employees about consultative selling that launched my career.

I will never forget the interview I had for the account manager job when I was a telephone rep. In preparing for the interview I went back to the notes from your program and drafted a mock presentation and proposal. Almost 20 years later I still remember being told how fantastic my presentation was and that was what landed me the job!

I am still at The Times selling to travel clients and all these years later still loving it. So thank you.
— Brad Kolodny, Account Manager, The New York Times