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Whether presenting or selling, Ivy's finely crafted, proven techniques enable her clients to deliver their messages effectively and fearlessly.

Through boundless energy and a personalized approach, Ivy delivers workshops and seminars with no equal. Hers is not a cookie cutter approach but a highly customized, creative one.

Drawing on over 20 years of experience as a performer, professional speaker and highly respected public speaking coach, Ivy has developed a Total System, one that takes a fresh new approach to an old problem. Unlike with other approaches, the styles participants develop and techniques they master will work long after the time spent in the program.

Her techniques bring messages to life succinctly and powerfully in a safe, non-embarrassing setting.

For select audiences in small intimate groups, Ivy delivers programs that ensure each person receives the necessary individual attention to improve public speaking.

Benefit from Ivy's intuitive and creative processes that cannot be replicated by other approaches

Current Offerings

Workshop: A Message to Remember!

Developing a natural, confidant and compelling delivery style

Have you ever watched a speaker who got up and seemed to "chat" with the audience? They had the ability to be themselves while giving a prepared presentation or reading a scripted speech. With this goal in mind, this program will show you how to present your ideas naturally, professionally and comfortably as well as how to overcome fear of public speaking.

In an intimate setting, Ivy will help you overcome any anxieties you may have and develop your personal speaking style that can be adapted to virtually any setting or venue. Whether you are standing, sitting, or behind a podium, you will command the physical skills you need to perform successfully and effectively. You will also gain many special tools to unleash your unique professional speaking style and engage your listeners - getting results.

People love this program because they not only build their confidence and become dynamic speakers and presenters, but most importantly, they learn to finally enjoy the process of presenting.

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Workshop: Putting Power in your Presentation

Developing Powerful and Compelling Presentations

Gain the tools you need to design and deliver powerful, persuasive presentations that achieve maximum results - each and every time you present. Through this program, you will learn Ivy's foolproof ten step process for developing an Audience Based Communication© that will give you the confidence you are looking for because it translates to any presentation circumstance.

This program insures that each and every individual walks away with a clear understanding of how to build content that targets your clients needs and engages you listeners from start to finish.

For all business people who must make presentations or speak in front of groups... and want to get results while avoiding the "snooze factor!"

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Workshop: Make the Sale!

How to Create Customer-Focused Sales Presentations

Whether you're new to sales or a seasoned pro, the techniques you will master can spell success when you have to sell yourself or your services in this tough competitive business climate.

This program is designed to compliment the many consultative selling programs in the marketplace and in many cases; it's the missing piece that will put you over the top in your next sales presentation. If you've already learned basic consultative selling principles, this dynamic program puts the finishing touches on your selling style. You will not only stand apart from your competitors, you will ensure your customers act on your proposals.

By understanding how to think strategically under pressure, learning and applying concepts for humanizing your message and making sure your customers know you understand their needs; you will turn prospects into valued customers.

This program was designed on request from a major Fortune 500 company. It grew out of a demand for their sales professionals to become confident and persuasive communicators and has been used successfully ever since.

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Working with Ivy is nothing short of transformative, and from a career development standpoint, no other training comes close. Her coaching, advice and support have taken my presentation skills to a much higher level, and she did so within my natural style.

Our team of New York Times Education Managers has been coached by Ivy over the years, in groups and individually, and the results are concrete and measurable. Her expertise, energy and attitude make every second worthwhile, and to a person, everyone benefitted from her tutelage. Those who were semi-struggling, found their footing, confidence and individual voices, and those who were adept took flight.

If you have the opportunity to collaborate with Ivy, jump at it!”
— Tom Gleiden, The New York Times
I give you a great deal of credit for helping build my confidence, I’ve tested the techniques you taught me as a presenter. Whereas I would previously have been a nervous wreck, I dazzled ‘em with brilliance!
— Lois L. Demeuth
Administrative Office
United States Courts
This program was by far the Best session I have ever attended with lasting impact and the public speaking lessons learned will be applied immediately and last a lifetime!
I came to the program to learn how to improve my public speaking skills. I feel so much more empowered from just one day with her! I wanted to let you know what an amazing opportunity this was.