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The ability to communicate effectively in front of groups or individuals is critical to your success.

Whether you are delivering the company keynote, presenting in the boardroom, representing your company at a conference, participating in a panel discussion or are seeking to gain followership from your employees, it is essential to acquire powerful and practical tools to express yourself with authenticity and clarity.

Sometimes you need help to accomplish your goals. If you do, you want an accomplished executive speaking coach with a proven track record. 

Ivy understands business and she's a master of performance. Her personalized approach as a public speaking coach will bring your message to life with power, authenticity and confidence.

Whether early or advanced in your career, Ivy will show you how to take your speaking skills to the highest level. Learn the secrets to communicating in ways that reflect who really are - with confidence, authority and most importantly authenticity.

Ivy's methodology for speech coaching is different. She brings a unique professional background. Her methods are not cookie cutter. She delivers outstanding results that translate to any situation.

Simply stated, you will not find this type of public speaking coaching anywhere else.

The Importance of Effective Communication

  • If you are a senior level executive and require the security of developing a new level of communication skill privately.

  • If you are newly promoted and find yourself in a position of a much broader communication function and lack the skills to do what is required.

  • If you are interested in increasing your visibility on a personal or professional level.

  • If you are seeking or required to undertake external speaking (conferences, associations, events) on behalf of your company and have never before done so.

  • If you are simply seeking to take your current skills "up a notch" and become a confident, authentic, respected communicator.

  • If you have a fear of public speaking and are seeking a long term remedy.

If you are interested in the above, you want to seek help from Ivy Naistadt Creative Communications.

Combining a unique background in Business and Performance, Ivy has the expertise to turn you into a powerful authentic speaker who has your audiences asking for more each and every time.

Ivy Naistadt's Coaching Process

Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative!

  • Assess and analyze your presentation style, content approach, technical and other related performance issues. Through video or live (which is great because she can see you in action!) or if necessary, through verbal evaluations.
  • Customize a presentation skills coaching program designed specifically for you to enable you to communicate authentically and powerfully in a very short time frame. (Ivy knows how to pick out the areas to strengthen, eliminating a lot of other issues painlessly.)
  • Execution of your program: Work with you either in a condensed 3-6 week format or a longer 3-6 month format depending on your availability, needs and time requirements. (She knows you are busy and can devise a plan accordingly.)
  • Follow Up: Provide monthly support and follow-up for six months upon completion of formal commitment.

What You Will Walk Away With

Beyond the increased visibility, opportunities, promotions, financial increases, and ROI, expect:

  • A 3-part magic formula for reaching your highest communication potential
  • The ability to communicate confidently, naturally and compellingly in any situation no matter how pressured
  • An exclusive storytelling (CORE) process for developing a captivating story
  • Interactive techniques that will keep your audiences energized. Nothing silly or demeaning.
  • The physical skills to support your speaking style and the special ones that bring out your unique personality
  • A new set of tools for managing the the fear of public speaking 
  • The ability to make a canned script sound spontaneous and dynamic
Ivy, Thank you!! The content on my keynote has worked out GREAT! I did my first BIG one using it through a speakers bureau and got GREAT Feedback! Your coaching really, really helped me - in so many ways. You’ve helped me transform from a facilitator with novice public speaking skills to a professional speaker!
— Gregg Brown, MSc, CTDP, Keynote Speaker
Ivy is stupendous! She is the best in the business. I feel comfortable with sending clients to her and her results are outstanding!
— Kenneth Paul Rosenberg, M.D.
“I worked with Ivy when I’d only done a few presentations. We spent three days working on my presentation and I still think about the tips she gave me nearly 100 presentations later! Thank you Ivy!”
— Henry Mason, Trendwatching
Your coaching has helped me tremendously, and I am much more comfortable and confident as a public speaker as result. I am most grateful to you and hope that I may call on you in the future.
— Scott J. Newkam, Chief Executive Officer, Hershey
It was a big step for me to give an external speech to a group of 1,000 people. In the time we have worked together you have taken my speaking skills to the next level.
— Leslie Abi-Karam, President, Pitney Bowes
We found that Ivy had the ability to work with a diverse team and to leverage each person’s natural style to construct and deliver a dynamic and powerful presentation. Thanks Ivy for helping us achieve the “WOW” factor!
— G. Smith, Vice President, IBM

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