Present Yourself Confidently and Compellingly

Ivy's system will give you the confidence, tools and ability to speak fearlessly to any audience and drive home an important message in any situation.

Ivy has worked with:

  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Sales, marketing, and public relations professionals who are constantly pitching accounts, clients, and media
  • Fundraisers
  • Financial Services Professionals 
  • Educators
  • Political candidates
  • Professionals at every level, from the newly promoted CEO who must address the troops; the "fine with numbers but not with people" CFO; the CIO who's better with computers than conversation; middle managers, department heads, managing directors - anyone who's looking for a new job or promotion.


Executive Speaking Coach

Private one-on-one coaching sessions help executives strengthen the effectiveness and power of their presentations, video appearances and podium techniques.


Presentations designed for high level executives, sales professionals, or anyone who wants to become an authentic, confident communicator.

Workshops & Seminars

Interactive workshops offer a combination of individual coaching and group instruction, video feedback and practical exercise that make learning easy and fun.


Ivy, your instincts are unreal. I’ve spent a whole lot of years working in this sort of environment, and you are the consummate professional - Thanks for a flawless job.
Ivy's Blog
A Quick Podium Tip

If you ever find yourself in a situation in which you will be presenting from one, here’s a quick tip to keep in mind...

Let's Talk TED - 3 Tips for Upping Your Presentation Game

I now often hear people referring to TED talks when I work with people in companies. It’s become a common reference point for the overall quality of a presentation.  While the aspirational goal of delivering a great talk is positive, it’s important to remember a few things...

If it Ain’t on the Page it Ain’t on the Stage

As he stumbled through the presentation, he realized that the overall communication strategy and scripting wasn’t clear

What’s Your Nervousness Profile?

“I’m an experienced business person; I’m not supposed to be nervous. There must be something wrong with me.”  If you’ve said this to yourself, guess what - you are not alone! As a matter of fact,...

Will Your Audience Like You?

In every public speaking situation, one third of your audience will instantly be predisposed to liking you.  Another third may not have an instantly favorable reaction to you for reasons totally beyond your control, such as your coincidental...


Speak Without Fear

Ivy's Total System for Becoming a Natural, Confident Communicator

Speak Without Fear aids the millions of Americans who list fear of speaking in public as one of their biggest -- along with going to the dentist, being audited, and attending a funeral. It combats performance anxiety in everyday business situations -- meetings, presentations, interviews, reviews and sales conferences. Public speaking skills can be learned and honed and many books cover this topic. However, Speak Without Fear delves beyond external techniques and probes deeply into the reason for your performance anxiety.

Are you an Avoider, Anticipator, Adrenalizer or Improviser when it comes to making a presentation, going on a job interview or speaking before a large audience? Whatever your nervousness profile may be, fear has taken over and disabled you from giving an effective, well-executed performance.  Speak Without Fear will help you with overcoming fear of public speaking.  You're not alone. 

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